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Hi&Ho Music
Sound, light and IT solutions for event organisers

Hi&Ho Music was founded in 1989 and has over the years built up a broad technical and practical experience, a range of excellent equipment and a reliable network of other professionals.

For any event, whether big or small, in Sweden or abroad, Hi&Ho Music not only provides full lights and sound equipment, but all the technical solutions, experience and quality you need.

Behind the company stands the Musician, Sound, Light & IT Technician Jan Sjöberg. He partly works as a technical consultant for the Fridhems folk high school, but is also a highly appreciated technician/musician of the exceptional and world-wide performing artists Stefan & Kim. During their shows, in Sweden and abroad, Jan Sjöberg mainly does lights and sound, but also participates as a musician on stage and composes some of their musical arrangements.

In addition to his musical talents, Jan has always had a fascination for technical gadgets; cords, lights, computers and other electronics, which has provided him with great technical skills and an amazing ability to solve – and fix – any kinds of technical problems.

In need for a Sound & Light Technician, or any specific equipment, please contact:

Hi&Ho Music
Cell: +46 (705) 809152


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